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We have the most immeasurable cleaners who are well trained with all sorts of cushioning fabrics, ranging from velvet, cloth, silk, polyester to leather. Our uniquely outlined upholstery cleaning solvents are hard on discolourations and easy on the upholstery material.
We take supervision of cleaning as well as cleanliness of the stuffing. If you have favourites or young members at the house, we secure they are protected while the cleaning concourse is in transit. Our meticulous cleaning holds allergens and pathogens out of the way such that you and your family can have a delightful time without bothering about sensitivities, respiratory concerns and other such sicknesses. Microfiber upholstery cleaning is accomplished with particular applications and skills to create exceptional results. We continue our services to both business and residential platforms.

Why Choose Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

  • Reliable Couch Cleaners
  • Certified, trained cleaners
  • Adaptable booking hours
  • Corresponding day couch steam/dry cleaning service
  • Accredited Upholstery
  • Cleaning Technicians
  • Most economical Upholstery Cleaning prices in Moe
  • Ensured results at a very affordable cost
  • Eco-friendly & Safe Couch Cleaning products
  • Latest cleaning methods
  • Lengthen the life of your leather or textile upholstery
  • 24*7 availability, even on weekends and vacations

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Various types of leather need different care methods.

  • Aniline – Additionally recognised as original, genuine, unprotected or unarmed leather.
  • They are protected – More known as closed semi-aniline, every day, pigmented and coated leather.
  • Nubuck – Furthermore known as chaps, distressed, bomber and suede leather.

Fabric Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

  • White Cotton and Linen Fabrics – As the most sensitive and complicated to clean off all furniture fabrics, curtain fabrics can be dry cleaned due to the risk of watermarks. We have formed a dry cleaning solvent, similar to dry cleaners, to loosen the dust, grease and soil from the lounge suite without water.
  • Patterned Cotton and Linen Fabrics – These materials are ordinarily more treated than white or natural cotton or cloths and can be cleaned precisely with hot water extraction. To minimise moisture use by pre-treating the lounge suite with dry cleaning solutions to break down the body oils and grease. Next, apply a conditioning pre-spray to prevent browning. Finally, we cleaned the material with a hot water extraction clean to eliminate the soiling.
  • Synthetic Fabrics – When cleaning synthetic materials such as polyesters and polypropylene, we use a neutral cleaning pre-spray to break down the overdeveloped oils and dry cleaning solvent with water to grab the massively soiled sections. We then apply a hot water extraction clean to rinse the material and separate the soil.

 Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Services in Moe

  • Contaminant Removal – Our cleaner make your upholstery contaminant free of cost and clean the surface and every layer of the upholstery fabric. Even the deepest established contaminants do not stand a chance in front of our cleaning process.
  • Extended Upholstery Life – Our upholstery cleaning services lead to increased life for your precious upholstery items.
  • Upholstery Restoration – We restore your upholstery in every possible way. Our upholstery cleaning services are not exactly clean but also magnify the looks of your upholstery. You will find a brand-new look, softer feel, and brighter appearance once you do upholstery cleaning.
  • Upholstery Stain and Odour Removal – Our crucial work is to make your upholstery completely stain free and odour free. We also provide service for pet stain and odour removal from upholstery.

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